Welcome to the Web of Spiderman WikiEdit

Web of Destiny... Web of Roleplay! Harry Potter, the cat thing, etc., etc. Now, lets do Spiderman! Choose your character, as long as it isn't already taken. Choose your destiny... live or die, good or evil, heaven or... gulp... j-just roleplay.

How To PlayEdit

Travel around the city either wreaking havoc or saving people. Just leave a message on my talk if you want to join. Remember, Earth-616 Marvel or Spider-Man characters ONLY! No DC, Ultimate Marvels, or Amalgams.

Create a page of your character when you get a character, then, if you want, make places and, in the comments, well, roleplay, but only in that exact place. Remember to check on the date of the comment, to stay updated with everything.

You can only have 1-3 characters. Just make sure there available.

The Story So FarEdit

A mysterious criminal has freed all the prisoners of The Vault, and the suspects: Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, Venom, Vulture, and Carnage.

The heroes set out to bring the villains back to jail, and nobody knows who did it.

After this mystery is solved, we will start a new mission.


Latest activityEdit

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